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Start: 09/06/2023, 19:00
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Gnosis courses and events are free, as we are a voluntary, non-profit organization.
"Know thyself and you shall know the universe and the Gods."

What is the Course of GNOSIS?

The Course of Gnosis, also called First Chamber, corresponds to an authentic journey of self-knowledge and inner development.

Gnosis is a knowledge present throughout the history of mankind. It is a true school of initiation into life that helps anyone interested in a profound transformation of themselves. It allows each man and woman to transform their basic principles and customs, revive their infinite inner possibilities and rescue true human values.

In this introductory course you will learn about:

  • Fundamentals of Revolutionary Gnostic Psychology;
  • Awakening of consciousness;
  • Meditation, Chakras and vocalization of mantras;
  • Runes and esoteric physical exercises;
  • Science of Alchemy;
  • Metaphysical laws that govern the mysteries of Life and Death;
  • Philosophy applied to Life;
  • The 4 Elements of Nature in our inner world;
  • Among other topics.

"Know thyself and you shall know the universe and the Gods."
Temple of Delphi, Ancient Greece

Lesson 1) What is Gnosis

We will explain what the word Gnosis is, its foundations and its relationship with universal knowledge. In addition, we will understand the objectives and purposes of these studies.

Lesson 3) The Awakening of Consciousness

Human beings generally live like robots without realizing themselves. In this lesson, you will learn about consciousness, subconsciousness, unconsciousness, causes of consciousness falling asleep and how to awaken it.

Lesson 2) Personality, Essence and Ego

Introduction to the study of our inner world, making known the 3 main components of human psychology, their characteristics and how to work them in our favor.

What will you
in this course?

Through this course called First Chamber, you will learn the practical and philosophical bases of Gnostic knowledge, preparing yourself to apply this knowledge in your own life.

Gnosis explains that within the human being there are great latent and dormant possibilities that can be developed…

This course offers an introduction to that wisdom as old as man that allows for inner development.

The Gnostic teaching leads us to the knowledge of the physical body, the mortal soul and the immortal spirit through a profound change in the ways of thinking, feeling and acting.

“Know thyself and you shall know the universe and the Gods.”

Check out some lessons covered in the Course of Gnosis:

Lesson 4) The Psychological Self

Mistakes and pain are often caused by our egoic desires and our lack of understanding of others. This lesson is an in-depth study of the ego, its origin, forms of expression and its ramifications in the human mind, emotions, attitudes and psyche.

Lesson 5) Light, Heat and Sound

It studies the physical and metaphysical influences of these 3 universal principles, mainly sound, inside and outside of man. In this class, we will address the theme of creation of the universe and man, in addition to knowing myths from ancient cultures and the mysteries of the trinity.

Lesson 6) The Human Machine

The human being is a complex machine that we still do not fully understand. This lesson is a study on the centers that govern our organism: intellectual, emotional, motor, instinctual and sexual, how to use them wisely to stop being a robot and awaken consciousness.

Lesson 7) The World of Relationships

Reflection on human beings and their different worlds or spheres of relationship, whether with their family, society, the planet or themselves. How self-knowledge helps us to improve all kinds of relationships.

Lesson 8) The Way and the Life

Reflections on material mechanical life (the world we live in) and inner life (the world we live in).

Lesson 9) The Level of Being

We all have a level of being, which has nothing to do with beliefs, social classes or academic levels. In this lesson we learn to identify our level of being and what we can do to rise to a higher level.

Lesson 10) The Decalogue

Study and reflection on one of the first codes of ethics of humanity.

Lesson 11) Fundamental Education

It studies the different phases of human development and how to make the most of each one of them, extracting health, success and wisdom. It shows the foundations of transformative psychology that begins by changing the way of thinking, feeling and acting.

Lesson 12) The Genealogical Tree of Religions

All religions have common foundations because they spring from the same source. Comparative study on several of the great religions and cultures of humanity showing a synthetic vision where they all converge towards the same objective: the awakening of conscience and the happiness of man.

Lesson 13) Evolution, Involution and Revolution

Scientific and metaphysical study of the laws of nature of evolution and involution that govern all of creation, and the need for a psychological revolution to achieve true freedom, integrity and happiness.

Lesson 14) The Ray of Death

The processes that occur after death are one of humanity's greatest mysteries. Cultural, scientific and metaphysical study on post-mortem processes, based on the Book of the Dead of the Egyptians and Tibetans.

Lesson 15) Reincarnation, Return and Recurrence

The world is governed by universal laws, which it is important to know to guide our existence. In this lesson, we'll talk about some of them, like loopback and recurrence.

Lesson 16) The Balance of Justice

Reflections on issues such as fate, Karma (punishment) and Dharma (reward), from the perspective of different cultures such as the Egyptians, the Hindus and others.


Gnosis International is a non-profit organization based on the Gnostic studies left by V. M. Samael Aun Weor from the second half of the 20th century.

Participates in an International Gnostic Federation, organized by V. M. Lakhsmi Daimon, present in more than thirty countries.

It has offices in all American countries and in several European countries such as Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Portugal, England, Scotland, Ireland and Greece. Also on the African continent (Angola) and Oceania (Australia).

For all other countries where there are no headquarters and face-to-face courses, it offers online courses.